Linda Stirling Unmasked: The Black Whip

: Dragged from her chariot by a mob of fanatical vigilante Christian monks, the revered astronomer was stripped naked, skinned to her bones with sharp oyster shells, stoned and burned alive as possibly the first executed witch in history. A kind of purge that was apparently big business back then.



The Bling Ring Movie Review: More Bling Than Ring Of Truth In A Post-Occupy World

          The Real Bling Ring: Where's The Bling?                                                
'...Then what might The Bling Ring intimate on some significantly more solemn rather than shallow level. Placing this frivolous fare in the context of say, an anthropological artifact, some clarity manifests itself perhaps as a kind of post-Occupy reality. That is, while many Hollywood movies through time have exuded the projected paranoid flavor of fending off attacks upon their entitled class by the poor at home and the countries abroad that they have in actuality been exploiting, the current economic crisis which has seen the significant impoverishment of the middle class, may have supplied an additional downgraded economic adversary into the mix. Hence, the newly far less entitled hungering youth in the elite's increasingly self-perceived as vulnerable luxuriant midst...'


Prairie Miller
Arts Express Syndicate

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  1. I read your article with interest.

    Sofia Coppola has stated in more than one interview that she is attempting to leave the interpretation to the audience (rather than deliver a 'message').

    I think that it is impossible to avoid a fair degree of subjectivity, even in a documentary.

    However, given that Sofia Coppola hopes to say nothing at all on the subject, I am wary of your deciding on her behalf what it is she is 'trying to say'. Despite what you think you may know, and the tick list agenda you feel the need to cling to, I do not think that you really 'know' Sofia Coppola at all. And of course nor do I.