Linda Stirling Unmasked: The Black Whip

: Dragged from her chariot by a mob of fanatical vigilante Christian monks, the revered astronomer was stripped naked, skinned to her bones with sharp oyster shells, stoned and burned alive as possibly the first executed witch in history. A kind of purge that was apparently big business back then.



A Walk To Beautiful On DVD

Director/Producer Mary Olive Smith

An Engel Entertainment Production in association with NOVA
Filmed in Ethiopia

The setting is beautiful, breathtaking. The hardship endured by the native women excruciating to see, to learn about and their illness is unimaginable for those who have never seen it nor smelled an incontinent woman

Imagine being a five to ten year old girl, married. Imagine getting pregnant and giving birth at 13 or 14 years of age. Imagine being in labor not for 24 hours but for a week because the birthing canal is too small to enable the fetus passage. Imagine the damage to your body, the puncture of the thin wall between the birthing canal and the bladder.

Imagine the reversal of all you know about and feel about being toilet trained, about being part of a civilized, loving nurturing community. Imagine being ostracized, having to live in a separate space from everyone, Imagine being totally alone, rejected, at thirteen, fourteen years of age. That is the plight, the central premise of the film A Walk To Beautiful: a six mile or more lonely walk in search of help.


DVD Features: Deleted Scenes; Commentary By The Filmmakers; Featurettes: Fistula Worldwide: The Hidden Epidemic; Wubete and Yenenesh: Three Years Later; Scene Selection.

Linda Z
Women Film Critics Circle
WBAI Women's Collective

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