Linda Stirling Unmasked: The Black Whip

: Dragged from her chariot by a mob of fanatical vigilante Christian monks, the revered astronomer was stripped naked, skinned to her bones with sharp oyster shells, stoned and burned alive as possibly the first executed witch in history. A kind of purge that was apparently big business back then.



American Violet Movie Review

The Texas Raids Where Men And Women Are Given Equal Maltreatment

Directed by Tim Disney

Starring Alfre Woodard, Michael O’Keefe, Tim Blake Nelson, Will Patton, Charles S. Dutton, Xzibit, and newcomer Nicole Beharie

Based on real events and set in a small Texas town in the midst of the 2000 Bush/Gore presidential election.

AMERICAN VIOLET tells the astonishing story of Dee Roberts (critically hailed newcomer Nicole Beharie), a 24 year old African-American single mother of four who is wrongfully swept up in a drug raid. A raid that is periodically visited on the denizens of the Texas housing projects, and the threat of its re-occurrence does not stop with the end of the film.

The inside view of the prison was riveting. I had no idea of the conditions, the lack of humanity that people incarcerated, even if not guilty, are afforded.

This is a piece of history we need to know. The trip to knowledge that Tim Disney offers is an engrossing, enjoyable, yet disturbing adventure that will not be forgotten by those who see the film. It isn't a Hollywood extravaganza, but a slice of life that draws us into the moment and doesn't let us go, even after the lights come up.

The acting is stunning, the music is so perfect and the story is strong. A good job, a necessary work of art.

Samuel Goldwyn Films releases American Violet April 17th, 2009 nationwide

Linda Z
WBAI Women's Collective

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