Linda Stirling Unmasked: The Black Whip

: Dragged from her chariot by a mob of fanatical vigilante Christian monks, the revered astronomer was stripped naked, skinned to her bones with sharp oyster shells, stoned and burned alive as possibly the first executed witch in history. A kind of purge that was apparently big business back then.



HE SAID, SHE SAID....Paris 36


Paris 36 cleverly mixes the elements of the heart, emotion and sacrifice. The location for the film's setting is the northeast suburb of Paris during the revolutionary period of the Popular Front government's reign. CONTINUE READING...

Gerald Wright
Film Showcase


Chrisophe Barratier, Director

Paris 36 is a delightful film with songs you can sing as you leave the theater and the acting, the dancing are equally memorable. It is a musical come to life on screen rather than in expensive Broadway stages, where the beautiful electrifying music, wonderfully choreographed dance and acting predominate within the context of a struggling working class Paris in the 1936 era when the people rose up to fight for a decent wage, a decent way of life and a means to be seen and heard as artists. It is the triumph of good over evil, of love of life over depression, of masses of people/slaves over their masters.

Paris 36 is an extravaganza, a feel good film on so many levels that it is certain to be a success. Maybe not remembered in forty or fifty years but today it is the film that we all need, a rest from the dismal reality that bodes ill even for the most hardened of us all.

A Sony Pictures Classics release

Linda Z
WBAI Women's Collective

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