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WFCC Member Sparks SLUMDOG Brouhaha in Wall Street Journal


Dear Friends of Women Filmmakers,

The SLUMDOG brouhaha has reached today's Wall Street Journal, with a few quotes from/references to yours truly, especially this:

"After the 2009 Golden Globe nominations were announced in December, a Chicago film critic launched an online campaign to question the governing Hollywood Foreign Press Association about why Ms. Tandan had not been nominated for best director along with Mr. Boyle. "If she's co-director during the filmmaking and marketing process, why isn't she co-nominee when the awards are passed out?" says campaign organizer Jan Lisa Huttner."

"Ms. Huttner hasn't dropped her effort. She says her real mission (with Oscar nominations coming Jan. 22) is to spotlight how rare it is for female directors to be in the awards race. Only three women have been nominated for best director Golden Globes (Barbara Streisand won for "Yentl"), and three have been nominated in that category at the Oscars, with no winners."

"Ms. Tandan's link to Hollywood has been as a casting director. Director Mira Nair hired the New Delhi native to fill the sprawling cast of her 2000 film "Monsoon Wedding" and recommended her to Mr. Boyle. "She is hugely responsible for the foundation of 'Slumdog,' " says Ms. Nair. "Once you trust that it is authentic, you can go with the pop quality of it. She had the nose for it."


Jan Lisa Huttner
Women Film Critics Circle
JUF News/Fund for Women Artists
& Managing Editor of FILMS FOR TWO

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  1. Dear Prairie:

    I appreciate your interview with Jan Lisa Hutner about the marginalization of Loveleen Tandan [See CONVERSATIONS WITH WOMEN CRITICS]. I think her being ignored is pitiful and exposes the primacy of sexism in the film industry. I remembered hearing Michel Martin discuss the same issue with Debbie Allen and how despite her work on Amistad, she was ignored by the film industry to direct anything else except Cat On A Hot Tin Roof most recently on Broadway. I highly encourage you to hear this interview about Allen's very hard time at:

    R Fraser

  2. Loveleen Tandan makes a big point of giving Danny Boyle a pass, but he's the most culpable in all of this! Just like a typical victim of battered wife syndrome!
    All he has to do is say the word, instead all we get from him is silence. Which speaks volumes about his real feelings towards India. So what did Boyle learn from his experiences? Tandan is the real life Slumdog, she earned the prize but they're trying to keep her from having it!!
    And the fact that he wouldn't even invite her to the Globes - even just to gush and sigh over her master's accomplishments - pretty much reveals that he doesn't want her around to diminish his limelight!!!

    Makes my blood Boyle!