Linda Stirling Unmasked: The Black Whip

: Dragged from her chariot by a mob of fanatical vigilante Christian monks, the revered astronomer was stripped naked, skinned to her bones with sharp oyster shells, stoned and burned alive as possibly the first executed witch in history. A kind of purge that was apparently big business back then.



The Women Review: Sex, Lies And Shopping

This new and not improved George Cukor remake dabbles in an exclusively perky patrician female milieu of smart and sassy, if also frivolously inclined backtalk babes.



  1. I glad that you have brought out a beautiful article on the above
    topic. Some of the main reasons why women are not considered for some this type of important portfolio's is that they are emotionally weaker, and others who follow or supporting may make them to err very easily. There are numerous examples where those who attained very good positions in the world. Most of them failed when it came for emotional balancing, when they were surrounded by bureaucratic and Hippocratic coterie. There are very rare cases where the women have shown maturity. Most of them are in the field of either in the battlefield or in societal programmes or in the field of sports.

    Even there are so many battles occurred only due to women, either for possessing them or due to their nature.

    with warm regards


  2. thanks for being the one link to an external review of this movie from imdb... the previews have been driving me insane and i wanted to make sure i wasn't making baseless judgments. it was a good read, although all too familiar. you'd think these days that something called "the women" wouldn't so glaringly glorify all the oldest stereotypes about women. but the culture is just sick right now (or was it always, in truth?), celebrating the fantastic frivolousness of being rich while being "wronged" by the dark and/or working class outsiders (like in the slavery days when whites didn't think what they were doing was wrong because blacks weren't "people" in the same way that they were; the upper-class east coast harpies don't consider a working-class woman of color to be the same kind of "woman" as themselves), romanticizing "settling" and faking a smile when a real betrayal by a man has occurred (better to sacrifice your self-worth than to lose the coveted appearance of being part of a couple), choosing to always forgive and forget with the men and place the blame entirely on the women involved, as if their seductive will was so powerful it was like their husband was practically raped...
    i don't even know why women would choose this sort of role. it's not like they're making some ironic statement, they're just volunteering to perpetuate the worst behaviors of women, for no real reason except it's a big movie role and it's easy to play someone who's rich and superficial. the characters are so skin-deep it's almost like filming a two-hour commercial; no deep acting skills required.
    and no deep thinking is required to watch such a film. so the cycle keeps going, we're spoon-fed these pathetic ideals as "escapism" but we never think that we should have a better world to immerse ourselves in when we want to get away from our own lives and watch a movie. it promotes the idea that we are all right to think that our myriad of complex, real-life problems hold no dignity, and everyone should aspire to just BE LESS, THINK LESS, DO LESS. be less meaningful, it's easier! but it's really expensive so it keeps the elite elite and everyone else is just "escaping"...

    thank you.

  3. Now that annette bening has opened her mouth on Sara Palin like all the members of the media have done in thier attempts to trash and stereotype her,Annette has made one critical mistake. To put to you bluntly I expect her movie The Women to be a boxoffice flop. All becouse she publicly got critical. She's created not onlfy for herself but the studio,thier worst publiciy nightmare. I expect her fans to turn on her especially in the middle america. Her criticism of Saral Palin is going to be her publisicist worst nightmare. And the studio's as well. Just pay attention to the box office.

    chuck h
    vicksburg ms

  4. leave it to a man to think about money before content or integrity or offer applause for free speech especially for women.

    chuck, any woman who will use her fame and public notoriety to say that women need to have control over their own bodies is okay with me.

    Speaking of stereotypes
    Sara is the stereotypical evangelical woman who is touted more for her and her daughter's lack of birth control, than for her political knowledge and experience. What is that all about?

    Women in this film "women" are trying not to be slaves to men, to their physical capacity to bring life into the world. "Women speak out" is part of the theme of this film. Integrity before money, fame and further fortune, is another.

    Did you see the film?

    Linda Z

  5. I have enjoyed these actors my whole life. But as a strong supporter of Sarah Palin I will spend my limited funds helping her not your film. I am greatly disappointed that you are so not in touch with real mothers.

    Thank you
    Tammy H
    Lady Rockets [girls softball league]

  6. Real Mother? What is a real mother?

    Do real mothers make good presidents? do real mothers have time to run a country and a household. do real mothers have the ability to be eotionally sensitive to their children, help them nightly with their homework, catered to their damaged child's needs and help rear a new born child because the mother is still a child?

    Can real mothers really do all that and is this the qualities, this multi tasking such life ambitions demand, that I want my child to emulate?

    when i think of my mother, she was there for me, emtionally and physically and i didn't have to compete with the demands of a special needs sibling or with the needs of a country that aspires to rule the entire world.

    Perhaps you can enlighten me on Real Mothers so i can aspire to be just like Sara.

    linda Z